Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Foods

Andy Ellison



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Sorry if it takes a second to looks better this way


Sorry it's been so long since a new fruit! The list of unique fruits and vegetables is getting thin. I'm always open to some suggestions! Drop me an email if you can think of anything I should scan (fruit, veg or flower particularly)

This beast is the Jackfruit. Although it doesn't show in the scan, this thing is massive. 22 lbs and about a foot and a half tall, I barely could fit it in any of my coils. Therefore you'll notice that the scan isn't the entire fruit, slices at either end of the stack were victims to horrific signal loss and ugly images, so I trimmed them off.

Here's a picture for you wondering what a jackfruit is.

large fruit

Kiwano (Horned melon)

Spin Echo

Sagittal View

Gradient Echo
(Resolution and over all clarity are worse than the spin echo, but the contrast is more interesting)

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Due to popular demand, I have put some of my still MRI images for sale on

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Banana Flower

Note: These GIFs are particularly large. I apologize for the longer wait time. I am also using a different image hosting service (for larger files). So...we'll see how it works out.

Turbo Spin Echo

Gradient Echo

Sagittal View